• Poultry
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  • Beef & Veal
  • Lamb
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The majority of our poultry supply is chicken, yet our company is also able to supply duck, goose and turkey. Poultry can be delivered in bulk or customized. CAC Holdings Ltd. specializes in fully cooked products prepared to accommodate your needs. The products are sourced in Mainland China and can be halal and non-halal certified. Chicken offal products are traded from the U.S.A. and Europe.Contact us for specific enquiries.


Our pork products are mostly sourced in Mainland China with the majority from the Shandong and Sichuan provinces. Main cuts traded are boneless, skinless necks, shoulders, loins and hams. Pork offal originates from Europe and the U.S.A.

Beef & Veal

CAC Holdings Ltd.’s beef supply mainly originates from Australia and USA. Both bulk frozen fore- and hindquarters or chilled i.w.p. cuts are possible. Our beef products can be halal and non-halal certified.


Our lamb products are mostly sourced from South America, Australia and New Zealand. Our selection ranges from whole carcasses to individual cuts, such as lamb racks.

Fish & Seafood

Being close to China's main fish and seafood production areas, we are able to deliver a wide range of fish and seafood products. This proximity allows us to ship without delay to practically any place in the world.

Vegetables & Fruits

With our Qingdao office located in the heart of one of China's most important agricultural provinces, CAC Holdings Ltd. can deliver a wide variety of products in this field as well. Please contact us for specific enquiries.


CAC Holdings Ltd. supplies butter, cheese and milk powder to markets in China, Central Asia and Western Africa. These products originate from West Europe, Australia and South America.

Enquiries regarding infant milk formula (IMF) can also be addressed at CAC Holdings. Our company has been granted with the global licensing rights for Miffy children nutrition. Preparations on launching a MIFFY IMF line are in full swing.